Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Ultimate Peanut Butter Cookies Done 3 Ways - Plain, PB&J, and PB&Chocolate

My quest for the ultimate peanut butter cookie continues. I decided to go back to basics and keep it simple to achieve the most peanut butter intensity. I removed the shortening/butter and removed all flours. The peanut butter acted as the fat and the peanuts contributed as the flour. Brilliant. I decided to make it fancy and roll the cookies in granulated sugar before shaping and baking for a little extra love.

How should it be finished? I figure you can never go wrong with plain. Two other classic combinations are PB&J and peanut butter and chocolate. I still contemplate what kind of jelly/jam to use for the PB&J: concord grape or strawberry jam . . . .

The reviews from my tasters were extremely positive. "These are hands down the best peanut butter cookies I have ever had." "These are a lot better that a regular/wheat-containing peanut butter cookies." "They are soft & chewy with a good peanut butter flavor." When I asked what variation they preferred, it was a three-way tie based on their childhood memories. It's amazing how we always go back to the things we liked as a child. Comfort.

-Erin Swing
The Sensitive Epicure

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