My Pasta of Choice - Le Veneziane Corn Pasta, Gluten Free

I will only endorse a product if I passionately love it. Le Veneziane pasta is one of those products. Since Italian is my focus area of my culinary training, I am very picky about pasta. This corn pasta is exceptional: beautiful yellow color; easy to obtain the al dente texture; not gooey upon cooking; and the flavor is sublime with a delicate corn flavor that compliments whatever flavors are bought in the pasta dish. I just recieved my case of Le Veneziane past today and I'm so excited; I ordered it from Quattrobimbi.

My true test to see how good this pasta really is, was to serve it as a second course (traditional pasta course in Italian cooking) with a fresh pesto (without cheese, too) to a very picky friend from Bolgona, Italy. He loved it. He said, "Finally, some food that reminds me of my homeland." Yes!

Tinkyada Brown Rice pasta will suffice for me if I'm in a desperate bind and I'm fresh out of my Le Veneziane, but it does not really serve as proper pasta. My husband, who is not gluten intolerant, prefers Le Veneziane to ANY pasta out there. But when it comes to any of the brown rice pastas, he prefers to pass on it. Please try this pasta. It is a saving grace to all of us who are gluten free & wheat free; and the Italians make it unapologetically so.

-Erin Swing
The Sensitive Epicure


Anonymous said…
Hi, just found your blog, and look forward to recipes that work! I was diagnosed more than 8 years ago and am still working on bread. Lots of recipes are out there--none so far has had the perfect combination of texture, flavor, and healthiness that I'm looking for. I tweak and tweak, and sometimes hit it just right, then can't duplicate the success.

I like Trader Joe's brown rice pasta. It's cheap ($2 per one pound package), tasty, and made from organic brown rice, which is healthier than most good wheat-based pastas. This corn pasta looks interesting, but unfortunately if I want to try a package it will cost almost $10 including shipping! Maybe someday it will be more broadly available in local stores.
Erin Swing said…
I'm glad you found me, too! GF recipe development, especially with bread is extremely difficult. I just tried making homemade corn raviolis today, from scratch. It was a disaster! Try Chebe bread in the pouch. They have a web site: Maybe I can borrow you as a recipe validator?

The corn pasta, especially Le Veneziane is so worth it. I bite the bullet on a 1-year supply to easy the shipping costs. I spent about $48 for 12 boxes including shipping, which is 2x Trader Joes, but I find it's worth it, for me. If you are fortunate enough to have an Italian grocer, see if they carry Italian made corn pasta.
Anonymous said…
Hmm corn pasta, I haven't even been able to find this at Whole Foods. We buy the rice pasta and quinoa pasta, but I am going to have to try this!
Anonymous said…
A customer of mine just pointed me to this blog. Thank you Erin for the endorsement !

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Hope this helps !

Owner - Quattrobimbi GF from Italy