Friday, November 20, 2009

Big News: I'm Going to Spain for GF/Celiac Research

Starting in January 2010, I will be living in Catalonia, Spain doing a very prestigious internship at the Alicia Foundation. My research project will be conducted over three months, returning me back home at the end of March. The project objectives will be to help and learn in the health department in its alimentary research of dishes and recipes, adapted for special techniques such as Celiac disease, and other alimentary intolerances. Experience at cooking to help and increase life quality for people with these alimentary disorders. The project I will be working on is to get a better material properties understanding of gluten free materials. From there, mapping out gluten free formulation in a smart, efficient manner and correlating the finished product properties to sensory perception. I am so excited! I want to thank my friend, best food writer ever, and true inspiration, Colman Andrews for telling me about this place while he was working with Ferran Adria. Never could I believe that a special place like Alicia exists that combines Chefs working with Scientists with the health of people foremost in mind.

Here is more information: Alícia is a research centre focusing on technological innovation in kitchen science and the dissemination of agronourishment and gastronomic heritage. It has a clear social mission in that it is open to the public, and is aimed at promoting good nourishment.

It is a foundation created by the Generalitat de Catalunya and CaixaManresa, with a Board of Trustees headed by chef Ferran Adrià and consultancy services provided by the cardiologist Valentí Fuster.

Alícia aims to be:
* an international point of reference in the field of research applied to excellence in gastronomy.
* a reference that recommends the creation of social awareness regarding the importance of food as a cultural fact and educational factor.
* a place where innovative ideas and experiences about food and cooking are created.
* a sensorial and stimulating experience that combines tradition and innovation for all its users and visitors.
* a cultural and tourist centre of attraction for visitors to Món St Benet area and central Catalonia.

Definitely, a very inspirational place.

-Erin Swing
The Sensitive Epicure


Jenn said...

SO excited for you! Congrats on this awesome opportunity!!

Julie said...

Fantastic! I am so excited for you and to hear about not only your research, but living in Spain!

Iris said...

This sounds so awesome! I want to stow away in your suitcase and go to Spain too!

backbone executives said...

One of my favorites.. Looks delicious!

backbone executives said...

Hmmm! Looks delicious! One of my favorite desserts.